LET ME DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish I was dead. I can’t make a soul happy and I am tired of being the evil that walks. Why can’t people understand sometimes people just need to die. I want to die and it is considered evil to desire your own death. It is illegal to kill one’s self. Why? … for fucks sake, do you want to force someone to stay here!20151010_100827

5 thoughts on “LET ME DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. You are here for a reason – you were born for you to be happy.

  2. People don’t need to die , God never meant for that to happen. It actually makes him sad because we were all meant to have everlasting life, but Adam messed it all up. My point is that you’re here for a reason and trust me I sometimes feel like I want to die to but I know that if I do that my family will be sad and so will my mom which she just recently passed away this year. You were brought here for a reason and it’s up to you to find out why but trust me Idk what your going through but whatever it is don’t let it affect you , you’re a strong woman. The reason we suffer and why this world is full of hate and evil etc is cause of satan and we can’t let him win. So show him your stronger than him cause you really are strong especially with God on your side , you just need to open up to God. Trust me he will help you he’s just one prayer away.

  3. Isa Lopez is right on target. You are here because God created you to be His beloved child in this world and in the next. But suicide will not take you to Heaven. Wait and let your Heavenly Father bring you Home in His perfect time. There is a time; wait for it. Meanwhile, keep on trying to be happy and make others happy. You can. Be thankful for whatever is good in your life. Pray your thanks to God. Ask Him to bless you with more abundant life. Choose life! You will be glad one day. Yes, I have been where you are. I’m so glad now that I stayed and waited on the Father. Bless you, dear heart.

  4. Yup, I feel the same way sometimes. Pretty often actually. Not right now because I am getting work done, but if you’ve read some of my journal entries, I felt like that a lot. I didn’t think there was a purpose in life, and most of the time there isn’t. Plus we all die one day anyway – why not end the suffering sooner?

    But you have to think that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Sometimes I feel like I want to die, but in reality I don’t ever want to die – ever. Instead of suicide, try sleeping. Just lie down and not do anything ever again. That’s basically what dying is. So enjoy your life while you have it, it’s better to sleep all day for 10 years than be dead for eternity.

  5. Wow

    I didn’t expect anyone to answer.

    I am going through a lot and facebook is too social, I will keep writing here.
    tbh I dunno how long i will write here, but since no family uses GNJ I guess this is where I can speak my mind without fearing reprimand from people I love.

    Until then thanx 🙂 and Happy Thanksgiving or Turkey day. Whichever floats your boat^^.

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