Maternity leave-longer better -its advantages and disadvantages

Around the world, majority of people wish to have a longer maternity leave then having shorter one. Increasing maternity leave will have both merits as well as demerits and it will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

First of all, the advantages of having longer maternity leave will determine mother’s as well as children’s good health. The mother will be able to take ample rest after delivery and also she can able to feed child timely. For example, the children who are being breast fed well in the early period of life shall have a healthy live in a latter period. Moreover, if child is being provided enough nutritious in the early period of life then it will prevent them from most commonly disease and malnutrition. 

Nevertheless, there are few disadvantages for having longer maternity period. One of the major demerit is that it will hamper office works in case if the mother is working. For example, when teachers are on maternity leave, it affects the students who are under them.  It becomes difficult for the ministry of education to get a replacement for teachers who were on leave. Furthermore, there are chances that in future women may not get select by employer.

To sum up, i believe that despite having many advantages there are also few disadvantages which will pull back women in the larger society in the years to come. 

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