Monday November 21st

I sold my house in 1 day. It was on the market for one day, and the 2nd person that looked at it made an offer on it. I am hoping to move over winter break. I am renting an apartment until school is out. I have been selling everything in my house on Craigs List and eBay and ETSY. I have moments where I feel scared that I am really doing this. I am selling almost everything I have- just keeping my clothes- not all though- selling some clothes, too- and a few pieces of furniture. Just the basic basic basic. 

I have had some good days, mostly, lately. One of my former kind-of friends texted me yesterday- She wants to have dinner Wednesday. I’m fine with that. 

I will be somewhat relieved when the house closes and I have my money in my hand. I am going to put 5500 in a roth ira and then 5500 more in 2017. I am then going to try to do that every year until I stop working. 

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