night thoughts

I’ve recently come to realize that people aren’t always what they seem. Somebody that seems like they do great things during the day, may have the worst intentions. But that’s not always true either. I think sometimes people get lost along the way of trying to do great things. In high-school, there are so many different things pulling at you at once, that the straight and narrow path doesn’t rally seem so straight and narrow anymore. I think people don’t always realize they’re getting lost, but eventually when they do its too late.

I’m a person that tends to believe you shouldn’t live life with regrets. I like to think that the things you’ve done in the past, molded you into the person that you are. Sure there are somethings that people wish they could go back and change, but realistically that could change the type of person that you are today. Sometimes something that seems like the worst possible thing, is really just a blessing in disguise. I think that it’s good to hit rock bottom, because it helps you find yourself and realize what you really want, and things can seem totally different than before, and not enough people realize that. 

I look back at things I’ve done in the past, and sometimes I’m ashamed, but also thankful at the same time because I can look back and reflect on things and realize that they were wrong. But without those wrong things, I wouldn’t realize what’s right. 

I like to believe that if I can prevent somebody from doing what I’ve done in the past, then I fulfill my purpose in life. I would rather be an example that shows you can do wrong things and still find your way back and end up accomplishing great things, rather than somebody that just says don’t do this because bad things will happen. Often times people don’t learn from others mistakes, they have to find out for them selves what not to do, maybe not a lot of people are like that, but I sure am. I don’t know why, but it seems like in order to truly learn something I have to do it the hard way and find it out myself why you shouldn’t do it, rather than learning from others. I haven’t really figured out whether that’s a good or a bad thing. 

I think the moral of the story is, wherever you are in life, there is always room for improvement. Sometimes things that seem the worst, are really for the best. Hardships really make you dig deep into yourself and make you figure out who you really are. Sometimes just taking a step back, and realizing  the blessings you have in life, is really the only thing you have to do. Never take the good things for granted, and never let the bad things hold you back. You can’t rewrite your past, but you can always change your future.

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