We treat others the way we have been treated. We teach others how to treat us. We teach other to treat us in the ways we have been treated by those before. So when one commonly says, “treat others the way you would like to be treated.” Thinks about what that really means. Perhaps you would find when you truly look deeper into it you desire to be treated in ways in which you would not want to be treated. It is with this thought in which i realize that “Do onto others what those have done to you.” becomes much more fitting than “Do onto others as you would do on to your self.” Oh and yes of course I do see how rude there ideas sound and how so many will put up defence in hopes to inwardly comfort there own self righteousness while throwing away the facts because the mere thought of being anything less than your ideal sight of your self even in the least ideal circumstances . Do not worry for this too is nothing short of human. These are just the facts in plain sight. These facts are not hidden from us though it is we who hide our selves from them. 

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