Work out makes me feel good! My Monday journal

10:28 PM now. Feel so fresh after taking shower from a work out. I missed this feeling. I have been lazy for past couple weeks and ended up didn’t go to gym for awhile. I felt so tired and depressed for weeks till today. It is still hard to go to gym after a long day at work since I have been very busy to get this project going but I feel that I really need to do this consistently. Well, can’t stop talking about this lol.

I had a pretty busy day at work just like a past week. Got lots of things to improve and revise. I hit the today’s goal but had to code all day long without doing anything else. However, I’m so glad to see the progress and I really want this to go live that I know it will makes me feel relieves from the pressure that I’m putting on my self. Just gotta keep going like I go for my life goal.

Not much to write beside that. Just work and work out then headed to Korean town for dinner myself. Not sure this is the best way for me to have meal but don’t really have any idea what else I can do or I want to do at the moment. This will go on for at least couple more months till I get some rooms to breath. Writing this while having a bottle of beer from Chicago. Glad to see 312 in LA 😉 Nothing planned after this but a good sleep! Goodnight All.

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