Baby Daddy RP Scenario

I sit at the kitchen table, the food cold after waiting on you. You had told me you would be be home two hours ago, but you were still at work. When you finally arrived home I was irritated, emotional, and so worried about the news I had. I had found out two days ago that I was pregnant and wanted tonight special so I could tell you. After complaining about your being late and reheating a plate of food for you, you get angry because I am not longer hungry and won’t eat with you. After a small argument, I finally get tired and say “maybe this just isn’t working again,” in hopes you’d disagree and say something sweet. Instead you agree and then go quiet. 

The next morning after you head to work I pack my bags and write you an apology letter. I cook you one last meal and leave the letting and your plate of food on the table; leaving my engagement ring on top of the note. In the note I apologize for being so emotional and nagging you for working so much. I also apologize for leaving while you were at work, but I thought it would be best so we didn’t start another argument. I explain that I only had taken my clothing and few of my books and photos, leaving everything else for you.

I decide not to tell you what I had found out, and figure out a way to raise the baby on my own. I didn’t want you to think that I was only telling you I was pregnant to stay with you. If you wanted out of the relationship, I wasn’t going to force it on you.
Five months later while scrolling through Facebook you see a photo of me and a mutual friend, her and I are standing in front of a large water fountain; that’s when you notice my pregnant belly.

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