Back To The Present ..

Good morning Goodnight Journal,

I was going to write at the end of my yesterday but it got so late I went to bed instead, only to toss and turn with the randomness that is my mind whenever I close my eyes.

Yesterday was a good day, in the sense that having registered for this site I felt an excitable motivational release for all the possible choices now presented before me.

After going through some major changes which were for the best and finding myself in a much better place I am feeling a little lost as to what now?

I don’t want to lose sight of all the lessons learnt so far and find myself stuck in a depressive rut.

I am hoping by having somewhere to write my thoughts it will help me keep positive and moving forwards and sharing publicably will motivate me into holding myself accountable.

For now, another new day is presented before me with a choice of possibilities.

I bid you Good Day Goodnight Journal.

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  1. Yes I feel very positive about this .. Thank you so much for your comment .. I am in the UK so tomorrow is just another day but I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving celebration and a beautiful day .. Hugs .. 🙂

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