Day 269 – Doctor Strange

Tuesday, November 22nd 2016

Today was a good one. I started off with programming, which I finally made my typewriting effect work, without disrupting the position of things; it was such a relief when I did, since I’ve spent so long on it. The thing I saw that I was missing to make it work was a function that allows the browser to detect the JQuery. I had the right idea to check my previous JQuery learning works for help. Can’t believe it was only that though.

After this, I had cooking class. We made are Chivito, and it wasn’t great. Most things on it I don’t like, and the rest wasn’t really great after anyway. At least it served me lunch.

At lunch I sat with some close friends and Kohai. We have this inside joke about me with Weight Watchers, because of a thing my mom told me. We joked about how one day I’d become the owner of it and constantly be advertising it by saying things like “I did __ and I still look good! You can do the same!” in inappropriate moments.

After lunch, I had technology class and I worked on my X-Wing. I finished the back of it (kinda lazily done, doesn’t look great, but it works) and the rest I attempted to do, but didn’t work, so I’ll go find the tutorial again.

Last class I has was math and we revised for our test Thursday. She gave us a ton of work and it was overwhelming even when she said you only have to do what you feel is necessary. I still feel like I have to do all of it though to make sure I completely understand. One page I am not doing for sure though is one that doesn’t have answers at the back. How do you expect me to know if I’m doing well if I don’t even know if I got the right answer?

When I got home I watched YouTube, since we were soon leaving to watch Doctor Strange. After eating supper and picking up Kohai, we arrived at the cinema and watched the movie. Benedict Cumberbatch with his American accent threw me off, but other than that it was really good. I really enjoyed it and recommend it. It was a lot funnier than I thought too, which I liked. Sometimes I found it to be funny in the wrong moments, but most jokes were very well timed.

Now that I’m home and it’s around 10:50 pm by the time I write this, I’m going to bed.

That’s all for today.

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