HS Sweethearts RP Scenerio 2

We were high school sweethearts; together since our freshman year and inseparable. We grew up in a small southern town, the kind where everyone knows everyone. A major argument causes us to end our relationship; you wanted to settle for the small town life and raise a family. I wanted to go to the city and become someone. After graduation I pack all of my things and leave during the night without telling anyone; my family included. When I left our hometown I moved to New York, put myself through college, and gotten a job as an editor for one of the biggest publishing company. Ten years later you also find yourself living in the city.

After a busy day at work, I walk down the block to one of my favorite bars that I’ve found. I have kept up with my athlete and toned body after school; always been one to work out regularly. I stand with a group of regulars around one of the billiards table wearing a tight black pencil skirt that stops just above my knees, and a sleeveless blouse. My matching black heels help me seem a little taller than 5’2. My long natural blonde hair flows around my shoulders in loose curls and my bright blue eyes shine brightly, even in the dim lighting. I call out for the next game, my southern accent dripping from my voice, followed by a carefree laugh.

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