Lesson Reflection- Manisha Seecharan

The lesson my partner and I selected to teach was Christmas, but more importantly how it is celebrated in Trinidad. Our resources which were created for a Standard 3 class, consisted mainly of art supplies, handouts in the form of an Assessment and a Power Point Presentation that brought across the points we wanted to discuss with our students during our stipulated time. I think, that being the last group was a bit nerve wrecking as all of my colleagues were outstanding ‘teachers’, but nevertheless I am proud of the work we’ve done and how the presentation turned out to be.

  In my opinion, everything went well with our planned lesson, and that was mainly because we were very enthusiastic and excited to teach about Christmas. With the help of our instructor as well, I was very confident with our lesson plan as she did look it over with us and pointed out our errors. However, despite having this with us I was still concerned about the way we wanted to teach the class, the time allocated for the lesson running out on us and the first activity, the formation of the classroom rules turning out to be a disaster. Thankfully, my concerns did not occur as the students showed that they understood when we taught because they reacted to our prompts about different sections of the topic, they were engaged in the classroom discussion and they even helped the teacher, thus creating a community of learners. The formation of the classroom rules as well went on to impress me as I did not think that my students would have answered me and since they did, it gave them the opportunity to ensure that their behaviors coincided with the rules they made, thus giving them a sense of responsibility. With regards to the constraints of time, I can safely say that we ‘beat the clock’ and that our lesson did not go over the time allocated to it, another thing that went well with our lesson was the Guided reading and the answering of questions openly before they wrote it into their papers, thus creating a forum where the teacher could have corrected misconceptions and helped students in understanding how an answer is derived. 

  Although, there were great positives in the lesson there were also some negatives, the first being our response to students saying the wrong meaning of a word, although it was a bit humorous, as teachers we must be professionals first as students learn more informally rather than formally. Secondly, there was a part in our lesson where we had an opportunity to teach a student the correct answer and missed it because we relied on the Power Point to do that job I think that if we had corrected the student as she had made the mistake it would’ve made a greater impact. Overall, there was room for improvement and the little points that my instructor brought to my attention did make sense and was noted.

  If I had to teach this topic again for a second time, I would have added in the Nativity story or would have chosen another craft to make, because the Creche holds a religious role in Christmas and in the case of the celebration of Christmas, a Santa Claus or Christmas tree would have been more appropriate. I would have also included some ‘big words’ to peak the interest of students and to later use for a Vocabulary lesson. Lastly, another option I would have considered is splitting the class into groups while assigning them a specific portion of this broad topic and having them come up with it firstly, thus making it greatly student-centered. 

  In conclusion, I enjoyed every second of this lesson, from preparing for it, to setting up and teaching it. It was great to work alongside another colleague who was just as consistent and takes pride in their work, as I am which enabled us to fine tune everything until we believed it was perfect. To be completely honest, I was not expecting such great remarks, participation and feedback from my colleagues and instructor, but I am thankful and I understand that there is always room for improvement, especially as teachers.

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