November 23, 2016

I wrote an entry the other day but for some reason it didn’t submit.  No clue what it was about so it must not have been very important.


Husband is home.  It is going much better than anticipated.  We’ve turned down all Thanksgiving Day invites.  No point in tempting fate.  After tomorrow, the next big thing is the cruise.  3 days on a ship with the 4 of us and 70 of my friends that I have to introduce him to.  Actually there’s 70 in the group but in reality I only know about 50 of them and only like about 15.  After the cruise we celebrate Christmas early and then he’s back overseas again.


Nothing big going on.  Haven’t heard from my “friend” still but it still hurts like crazy.  If things went as planned then she is away visiting family.  I put her on hide on fb so I don’t have to see what she is up to and I know she did the same to me.  I’m okay with that.


I’m home alone for the first time since May.  Husband took the oldest for her flying lesson and took the other along.  I’m supposed to be doing school stuff but instead I’m going to do this, check out Pandy’s to get some sanity and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls.  All of which I can’t do when there are others around.


It seems like I had so much more to say but now I can’t think of any of it.

2 thoughts on “November 23, 2016”

  1. Whoa 70 friends! I have like, six friends total, but they’re all people I can hang out with at any time, bother at any time, ask support from at any time.

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