High School Sweethearts RP Scenario

We dated all through high school; High School sweethearts they called us. I ended up pregnant at age 17, but we both decided to give the baby, a baby boy, up for adoption. Once we graduated we lost touch as, both going on separate paths. Before giving the baby up for adoption we made a promise to one another that we would never have contact with our child; however, that’s a promise you never kept. You met our child, and the adoptive parents, your first Christmas break fromcollege. You affectionately became known as an uncle. Their entire family pretty much welcomed you in; bonding closely with the adoptive mother as if she were a sister. When the adoptive parents died in a terrible car wreck, their will shows that my parental rights are to be reinstated if something ever happens to them. Also asking you to introduce yourself to the child as his biological father. While our child and you grieve over their loss, you make the move to Chicago for a new start. Ten years after high school you decide to step into a bar while you still had a sitter for the night; not knowing that the bar was a favorite of mine.

I had moved away from our hometown as soon as a graduated college, and never looked back. I moved to Chicago for college, hoping that no one would be able to find me there; especially after legally changing my last name. My parents were upset when we told them that I was pregnant and never looked at me the same again. I find myself occasionally wondering where our child was, what kind of man he was becoming, and if he looked like me or you. After a hard day at work and our son’s birthday coming up, and a rough break up I decide I need a drink. I walk to a local bar that is only down the street from my office, sighing and throwing on a smile before walking in. I don’t bother to look around when I enter; wearing a tight black pencil shirt, a sleeveless silver blouse, and silver heels which helped me look taller than my 5’2. Since high school I’ve kept my athletic and toned figure. I’ve always said that I wanted to keep my shape, even when I complained about being fat throughout the pregnancy. My natural blonde hair flows freely in loose curls around my shoulders. I order a drink and look down the bar, not noticing you at first before doing a double take.

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