In the weeks before we go to Mexico, my mum gets extremely stressed and low. And there’s always a really bad argument which of course was the one my dad and my sister had. I was going to ask my sister in a week or so whether she’d changed her mind about perhaps letting dad stay in her house with the rest of us but…my mum became highly agitated and upset. I didn’t mean to cause any upset. She yelled at me saying Ali would never change her mind and that if I asked her she would get cross at her not me…she said Ali would never message or talk to her anymore…I didn’t think a question would cause all that to be honest 🙁 I just wanted to ask because it would be a good thing to break up the journey…like I said before it would be good for Harry I think…and he always loves seeing his Aunty Ali.

The way my mum was yelling this morning I need to learn my lesson. The count down to Mexico has begun, therefore my mum is going to be extremely angry and upset…there will be a lot of arguing and drama. This isn’t new to me…I know it happens and today has been the first explosion. I’ve been feeling extremely depressed and worthless all day because of the way my mum got with me this morning…but it’ll be ok. I know this happens and I know what to expect. I can handle things better. I’m 28 with a baby, I can handle this much much better. I just need to really try. I have to keep my own illness from exploding with it’s terrible emotions. It’ll be difficult but I will try! The next three weeks will be hell really but I need to keep my calm and prove that I can deal with all of this. My family situation is difficult and all we do is make things worse for each other but the three adults in this house only have each other, fighting with each other will get nothing done.

  1. I got mine and Harry’s vaccinations for Mexico booked and done!
  2. I’ve already bought everything Harry will need for the holiday and have made lists of all the things I need to pack for him!

2 thoughts on “Strength”

  1. Dear RD, I am so proud of you getting everything ready for the trip and not caving under your Mom’s arguing and fussing. You are going to be fine. You love that little boy so much, you keep yourself healthy for him. That’s noble. That’s awesome. Hope the trip is smoother than expected. Lots of hugs as you go.

  2. Thank you <3 I must admit I don't keep myself as healthy as I should though, I'm still struggling with going to bed on time…still find myself staying up late doing leisurely activities that I don't get time to do anymore during the day as I'm busy with Harry! I know I shouldn't do it and I'm trying to change it! Your book arrived from Amazon today 😀

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