Strengths and Weaknesses

For somebody:

 I am myself and I don’t have to pretend to everybody that I am strong. I am not ashamed to show my weakness, I cry when I feel like crying whenever and wherever I am, and most of all I do not hurt people just to show that I am strong. 

Being cheerful, passive and feminine does not mean I am weak. Being patient and being silent does not mean I do not have my own opinion, or that I can easily be bent by manipulation. I have my own principles, but I also listen to other people. I behave this way because I think about the situation first ,and decide if it is worth fighting for. I choose my words before speaking so that it will not hurt people. Your’e always impulsive—- and the judging type. Scolding without thinking first. 

I am just being true to myself. I am not ashamed to admit my mistakes and say sorry when I am wrong.

I don’t know why do you have to hide your weakness. You owe me an apology but I know your pride prevents you from saying sorry. I know how you tried to use somebody to manipulate the situation.To reason out that it was my fault because I fail to add some words in my question to you. It was your fault but I did not fight with you because I know how you will feel if I openly reveal your mistakes in front of you. You will become defensive and it will just create a fight. 

I do not need a fight right now. I just want to finish.


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