Work It .. That Positive Mental Attitude.

Following on from my last post this is something I wrote about the changes I had gone through by mid 2013:

I have always been a positive person choosing not to dwell on the negative until a while back I went through a phase of Little Miss Negativity.

The job I had loved for so long started having an negative impact, little things spread out over time began grating on my nerves. When I found myself in an abusive relationship events started to spiral, bit by bit it was sucking the energy out of me leaving me unable to cope with life’s little irritations. Good times were fleeting, negativity consuming, I was becoming one of those people I couldn’t get on with, I lost confidence in myself and those around me, I came to a decision, I didn’t want to carry on like this.

First step .. The abusive relationship was affecting my ability to think clearly so with determined effort I walked away and stayed away.

Next came the job .. I changed my role but realising it was the organisation began looking for another job and nine months later handed in my resignation.

I looked at the people around me, friends and family and my relationships with each of them. I let some go, quite painfully so, drew little circles of compromise around others without commitment and found I had been blessed by a very few, they were the only one’s who mattered just by being there they gave me strength.

I started working on other areas I wasn’t happy with, step by step I started making goals for myself .. I had effectively started again. 

Now I am back to Little Miss Positive on a journey of ongoing progress seeking out the positives, embracing changes, taking on challenges, appreciating the little things, planning for the big things, looking forwards and recognising my dreams, none of which I could do with a negative attitude and it all starts with the mind.

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