Your experience is how you interpret your knowledge

Today I realize something that I have known but never fully understood. It is the concept of understanding something. We always think that we understand things but we never ever realize how exactly we understand it.

Take any story – like the tortoise and the hare. To understand that story, one has to have understanding of what a hare is, what a tortoise is, what is a race, what is start, what is finish, etc.

Simply put, our experiences shape our understanding. Francis Bacon, a famous English essayist, proclaimed in his essay “Of Study” that if you simply read, you’re just being lazy and that you must supplement reading with real world experience. Similarly, my mentor WSP mentioned that you must fail before you ask for advice.

Experience is the language of knowledge. Knowledge is a bunch of codes that can only be deciphered by our experience. This is why people disagree and have different opinions.

What this all means is that experience is more important than knowledge. Fail 99% of the time is a better way to learn than to Fail just 1% of the time.

Starting today, I will do more. Tomorrow I will cook a dish. Yesterday, I made chicken stock but i put in the skin, thinking that it will add gelatin to the stock but it had minimal effect. I will increase experience in life to learn more.

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