Compared to Unit 6 Continued

In Unit 6 (from our in class reading) we learned about family of choice. Family of choice is a family formed through voluntary ties among individuals who are not biologically or legally related.

In Amie’s memoir you could consider Amie and Jane’s relationship with their gay friends (Andrew and Mark) as just a friendship; but I felt it was much more than that. They talked about what they lost when Mark and Andrew split up. “We would have a baby, and they would adopt one, we would arrange our professional lives so that we would each spend a day doing child care, we would go on vacations together, and we would live together in old age in adjoining apartments, our devoted children dropping by to share meals and play board games” (Miller, 2010, P. 69). What Amie and Jane shared with Andrew and Mark is what I call “family-friends” they’re just as close as family but not biologically or legally connected. 


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