Memoir Evaluation

Personally I think this memoir was really well written and it was an enjoyable read. It was a very honest and true book. I found myself connecting with Amie and Jane and their struggles and laughing with them along their journey. This was a very expressive book and a book that brought out a lot of emotions.

This book was a memoir so it was based on true events through Amie’s recollection. So this book was biased because it was based on Amie’s memories and feelings throughout her journey.

I think the first targeted audience would be non-biological lesbian mothers because this memoir gives them something to relate to, then I would say same-sex couples, and then the next targeted audience would be people who are interested in learning more about same-sex parents or who work with these couples.

This book was well written and entertaining. I was shocked at the end when I was upset that I was finished reading it. This book brought to life something I other wise wouldn’t know anything about. This book is educational and entertaining. I would recommend this book to not only the people who I think are the targeted audience but to anyone who is in the mood for a good read and who wants to learn something along the way. 


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