5 thoughts on “NEED SOME ADVICE”

  1. It is not wrong at all to wait until marriage. We hear a lot about people living together and having sex during dating, but many, many people are waiting, and some studies indicate that these marriages are stronger in the long run. From my personal experience, we waited. And now we’ve been married 46 years and more in love than ever. Blesses on you, dear one.

  2. No freakin’ wayy!! I’m 17 and pretty certain that i will wait till marriage – just because some guys and girls don’t understand does not mean you are wrong! if you wanna wait then you wait, ain’t nothing wrong with that.

  3. To be completely honest and direct? You don’t seem like a person who would judge your partner by how they sexually performed or sexually satisfied you… so based on that, nope. There is nothing wrong with you wanting to wait until you get married.

  4. Im 21 yrs old and a virgin still, and we shouldnt be ashamed of saving our bodies for someone special. Sex has been peverted into this casual thing u do when u meet someone instead of being an intimate thing between 2 people. Dont feel bad or ashamed for keeping ur virginity.

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