November 25th 2016 / Doctor’s visit

It has been a couple of weeks since I saw my doctor. I like him. The first minute I saw him, I knew he would be my doctor. He is soft and humble, comes off considerate and such a good listener.

I started new meds the last time and I have been so happy with it. I feel great most of time time. The down side is I feel a bit restless but I feel like I could keep goin forever. I am diagnosed with bypolor 2 and it is like I am getting only high part. If this tiny pills makes me feel my life might be worth living, I would not mind taking them for the rest of my life.

Here is my practice today

My morning ritual Day 39

1) Write down 3 acts of gratitude

I am grateful to the reader who leaves comments on my page. I am grateful that I could get really good art supplies yesterday. I am grateful that I could go back to sleep one more time during the night.

2) Write one positive experice within 24 hours.  Me and my husband has a hedgehog named Ton-Ton. we took him out early in the morning.. like 6:30 am since he doesnt want to play at all at night( sleeping) . He seemed enjoying running around getting some exercise. He looked so happy and like having a ball. It made my heart melt. The little legs…   🙂 🙂 Just seeing this tiny thing gave me a good start of the day.

3)Exercise for 15 minutes or more    30 minutes HIIT

4) Meditation  6 minutes with meditation audio

5)Write a letter to someone to express gratitude

Dear, My friend Kimuchi, I am glad that we got in touch yesterday. We hadn’t talked for ages… I understand that you have a child and a job so no time for me… But at least exchanging emails back and forth once in while won’t take so much time, would it? I would love to know what’s going on with you. Miss you so much.

6)Becoming a generous person.  I got my husband a winter blanket. He hates cold so that would be perfect for him. 🙂

How my day is going

4:00 wake up/ Soy latte

7:00  Preworkout snack/ pineapples and yogrut.

7:30  did 30 minutes HIIT

8:30  Breakfast/ rice, spnich plus egg , miso soup , 2 sausages and tofu

10:00 Left for downtown for my doctor’s appointment

11-12:30  Shopping & seeing the doctor

12:30 Lunch/ Mcdonald’s chicken sandwich

17:00 Dinner/ Fish, vegetable Tempura, egg salad, fruits

4 thoughts on “November 25th 2016 / Doctor’s visit”

  1. Thank you for your comment. You are always so sweet to read my journals.. Ton-Ton is a bit overweight so we got him a wheel to play with. Hope he likes it. 🙂 Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  2. Oh, I never realised hedgehogs could have issues with their weight, I thought they only ate salad .. I hope he has lots of fun playing with his new toy .. I am having a good weekend thank you Nami .. 🙂

  3. I am glad to hear that you had a good weekend. 🙂 Ton-ton eats cat food actually.. he loves chicken. he doesn’t need to eat vegies at all.

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