The Art of Zen ..

Today has been a bit of a low day .. I didn’t keep myself busy enough and that’s the reason why ..

It brightened up in the evening spending time with my daughter and her boyfriend who is celebrating a birthday. I spent ages yesterday looking for a card for a lad of 24 who isn’t quite family and in the end settled on the one pictured as he has a love of dogs and the verse suited perfectly, it definitely raised a smile or three. We had a take out dinner and spent the rest of the evening making plans for the weekend, Christmas and a holiday next year.

Having something to look forward to isn’t a choice, it’s a must ..

2 thoughts on “The Art of Zen ..”

  1. Its from the Edward Monkton series .. You can go on their website and try out The Monktonator for some life, happiness, random advice for a bit of fun if you like ..

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