A Grand Return to Form

BOY OH BOY writing on paper is hard, tedious, annoying work.

First, you have to find the notebook, and *cue inner brain rant* no it cannot be any old notebook. No no no that just won’t do at all, because you’re writing magical stories about your magical life so it has to be a stunning beautiful book that you share a deep emotional connection with and will save in a fire.

Then, you have to find a pen. A lucky pen *oooooh the shivers a lucky pen how fancy*

Aaaand then, you have to write with your best handwriting. Chickenscrawls are for losers with nothing magical to say. It has to be cursive, fucking monova corsiva that bitch.

Did you think that’s it? HA! sucker. Now, you get to find to find a special secret spot for your special secret diary

Basically, my point is that writing on paper is hard and half a year of doing it has given me enough justification to not ever do it again. Luckily, I am a gal of the modern era so I’m allowed to shun the hard copy for the soft copy.

Helloooo Miss Lithy, it is truly lovely to see you again.


(Lithy is short for Lithium which is what I call my macbook because fuck it)

2 thoughts on “A Grand Return to Form”

  1. I can’t. Believe. You’re BACK. I am literally doing that internal fangirl screaming thing that you do when one of your favorite YouTubers uploads a new video after a long hiatus.

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