Day 272 – Dad’s birthday and Star Wars

Friday, November 25th 2016

Today was an interesting one, but a good one nonetheless. I woke up to my father’s birthday, which I forgot to wish him happy birthday until he hinted it. I always do this. I say “When I wake up, I’ll say happy birthday”, but my tiredness makes me forget that in the morning. Oh well, he knows it’s typical of me.

I started off with math. We started trigonometry, so this will be pretty easy.

Then I had technology class and I’m editing my video where I have a ridiculous lightsaber battle in the background with Kohai while I talk. Meaning, I have me talking and me in the background at the same time.

At lunch I sat with Kohai, watched people get humiliated by going on stage to throw away items that don’t go in the recycling or compost (I’ll explain in a couple of phrases), then we parted ways so I could go to cooking class. We had to sort garbage cans since today was a “no garbage day”. We do it every year(?). I didn’t do anything though, along with a few other people. I felt awkward not knowing how to help by the time I thought about anything, they already finished. I think we were overnumbered for the task anyway. After watching our hands carefully, we continued our coconut truffles. None of them would stay up and melted, so guess the recipe was a no. That or we ran out of time while cooking, since it wasn’t cooked long enough.

I finished the day with programming and I didn’t really get anywhere. I tried fixing my scrolling bar with CSS and I couldn’t, as well as tried doing other CSS tasks, but I only managed to make messages send faster.

When I got home I wrapped my father’s gift and signed my brother’s card since I didn’t have time to make one for him. We then gave him the gifts when he got home. Later on I left to go back to school, because we’re watching every Star Wars movie, so episode 1 to 7, an event I payed for and had pizza, water and soon popcorn in return. I’m actually writing this while the second movie is playing. I remember when I was around 8 years old watching this. I had a huge crush on Anakin. Even young I liked villains. He’s kind of irritating a bit to me now though, haha. I think young Obi is my favourite character in the prequels now.

I plan on staying until 12 am, so I’d have watched the prequels by the time I leave, which is just in time for Rogue One, since it follows episode 3. I wanted to read Megg’s entry I missed yesterday and today’s, but I suppose it’ll have to wait.

That’s all for today.



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