Hello hullo HELL Lo Hi yas HI

My very first blog entry here at “goodnightjournal.com”.

I want to feel comfortable enough so that I can write freely.  Life is a journey for Everyone and I want to share my life somehow too.  I’m not sure why I feel this urge to do so, but I do. The Free site I used in my past is no longer there and I’ve tried other sites but not like them.  Personal preference, I am picky because some of those sites were very popular – it just didn’t appeal to me.

However this one I wanted to try…

So thank you for having me here.


One thought on “Hello hullo HELL Lo Hi yas HI”

  1. Welcome to Goodnight Journal, I am a newbie myself and have been on a couple of popular writing sites in my past .. it’s much slower here allowing time for peace to reflect in our individual thoughts .. 🙂

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