Journal Day 33

I really hate wasting days. But today was mostly a waste. Today was Black Friday and I spent a majority of the day window shopping online. I also went out in real life to visit Verizon at the mall to see if I was eligible for a free upgrade, I wasn’t, and after looking at a few items at the mall, I left not buying anything.

A lot of the items I looked at online were pretty pricey. For example the cheapest item I wanted to buy was $350. Another item I was really keen on buying was an HTC Vive for $699. All I was going to do was buy it, then resell it on eBay for a profit.

There’s a high demand for it, but I did some calculations with eBay and Paypal’s sold item fees, it’s around 12.6%. So that means even if I sold it for $850 at a markup of $150, I’d still have to pay a fee of around $110, plus the shipment fees, so I’d basically just be break even. I don’t think it’s worth all that effort.

Today a book I ordered last week finally arrived, it’s this book called Rx for Computer Eyes. I’ve read just the first 3 pages of it and I’m already really disappointed in my vision. I used to have perfect sight…. Now I’m reduced to not being able to see a single thing without my glasses or contacts. I’m most likely going to have to get laser eye surgery in the future to correct it, but that’ll require some saving up.

In the meantime, to preserve my vision, I wrote a quick program that would interrupt everything I was doing and open a website with a 2 minute timer every 5 minutes. It opens up to a 2 minute timer so I can step out and look at distant objects and moving objects at least 20 feet away for 2 minutes. I can’t use the computer before then, or else risk really damaging my vision even further.

While I’ve been writing this post, I’ve already stood up 3 times. I went out to my balcony and just observed the traffic without my glasses on. I couldn’t see anything. It’s so depressing how little I can see. I’m practically blind at this point.

To compare, here’s my selfie for the day with a twist. Just imagine the selfie is me in front of a mirror. One selfie is how I would see myself wearing contacts, the other image is how I would see myself if I didn’t have any contacts on.



What I see

It’s pretty accurate. My vision might actually be a little bit worse than what the image shows. I can’t see eyes or other facial features, depending on the distance. To me, when I see a face without my glasses or contacts on, it’s just this round almost solid colored oval. It’s pretty scary.

So that was pretty much my day. I’m going to let LG2MT post this entry on a few different sites while sending Obs a quick email, just gonna ask how her day was and let her know I’m not going to be able to chat tonight. I’m most likely going to walk around outside staring at as many distant and moving objects as I can to train vision.

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