My new morning ritual , new weekly and monthly goals in December

A few days ago, I added “doing something generous” and also one of the ” showing gratitude” , I mention something I am grateful about my quality or personality. I have been doing this ritural over a month. I can tell absolutely this has been so helpful to become a person who I would like to be. I know it is a long way to go but I enjoy the journey as well. It is so nice to see some kind of results from the efforts I made.

My weekly goals in Decmeber

By 4th  Finish the book/ Done  1st

By 11th Run 10km or an hour as one of the 10

By 18th do one 80 minutes yoga as one of the 7

By25th Finish remodeling and the end of the year cleaning( that is the tradition in Japan)

By the end of the year

I want to complete Head-Stand and  be totally comfortable doing morning ritual.

December monthly goals

10 times 5k or 30 minutes runs

10 times doing yoga ( including head stand practice)

5 times pilates or ab exercise

3 times 1km or 30 minutes swim

3 movies

3 restaurants

finish one book

see how it goes 🙂


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