My Solitary Self

On a warm sunny day without a care in the world

With my Ipod blasting some favourite tunes

My mobile silent so’s not to disturb

I would take a walk into town

Taking time to survey my surroundings along the way

The posh looking houses in the midst of renovations

The smaller one’s with everything in its place

The driveways with an empty space or a car or two to do it grace

Neat little gardens with their colourful flowers

Attracting a beautiful butterfly or a couple of bees

And while the birds would fly from rooftops to trees

Singing their sweet little melody, life could seem so sweet

With the sun on my face like a breath of fresh air

There is an understanding to the logic of a quote I have heard

‘Take time to smell the flowers’

For moments like these should be cherished in all its simplicity

When we are at peace with ‘one’ and the world around us.

Written by me at the end of 2010, I still enjoy these walks into town when I have the chance!

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