Next Year’s Plans

Since we’re still in the final stretch of November, it’s never too early to start coming up with some plans for the next year. This isn’t the “New Year’s Resolution” thing that people make up but never follow through with (if you’re one of the people that follows through, hat’s off to you).

We always restrict ourselves from what we can and can not do. The way I see it, it’s like speed limit signs. They designate an appropriate speed and it is the baseline for optimum safety. I get that, but why do others not heed the standards? Exhilaration. They live by nobody’s rules but their own and they differ themselves from the ordinary. If they’re reckless, they mess up. If they get to their destination 10-15 minutes earlier than expected, it leaves them room for other activities. Probably not the ideal analogy but it’s what came to mind.

After so much deliberation, I decided to pick up traveling again. Since I’m in the US, driving doesn’t cut it for me anymore. What gives me a thrill is going somewhere and not having any clue as to what to expect. My last trip was back in 2013 but it was a place I was familiar with. I want to travel to another part of the world. I always wanted to see Ireland or England…some place I have only read in books. I would like to go to the Netherlands, my sister speaks highly of it and when she’s there, she always tells me that I’d love it there. That my friend(s), is what I find fun. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear (well read) them!

Will this happen? Honestly, I don’t really know. I have some debt that I know I can clean up by next year and I have been house hunting in the mean time…you know, adult things. Then with my probationary period ending in my birth month (May), I’d have to be good for a little. *Side thought: I could save up and travel to the Window Domes in the woods to watch the Aurora Borealis…hmmm.

Anyway, I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I couldn’t find my “5” people but that’s honestly a good sign. At least I know that the usual ones who occupy the corners of the road found a place for a meal. The balance of positive and negative, if you really think about it.

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