Silent Hill??

I’ve finally found a fucking website that allows me to use different fonts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any fancy or cursive fonts, but you know how it is. Beggars can’t be choosers. In all seriousness, I’m just too tired (and too much of a lazy asshole) to find a website that has a fucking cursive font. The fonts here aren’t really that great either, but they at least have “Impact”. Me and “Impact” go way back. It just comforts me, how thick the font is and how closely the letters are placed together. I sound like a fucking nerd (or at least I hope I do). I guess I strive to be a nerd?? I have no idea. I mean, I know I’m already a nerd, but I can be nerdier. INCREASE THE NERD. I’m a fucking idiot. No surprise there, though. I’m pretty tired, I should probably go to sleep. I’m listening to Cryaotic play Silent Hill 2. The Silent Hill franchise always  has the best soundtracks. They’re all creepy and ambient and mind-warping and shit. Nice. Oh my god, imagining listening to that shit while you’re on something. Just thinking about experiencing that makes me feel scared. I don’t know why, but literally every time I envision myself consuming some sort of drug, I imagine myself going through the shittiest of bad trips. Like just the worst trips ever. Like that one episode of Family Guy where Brian takes shrooms. I deeply regret watching that episode. I don’t even like Family Guy.  I don’t even like Seth MacFarlane. My eyes are starting to hurt from looking at my laptop screen so intently. Why is Silent Hill such a scary game? Who came up with this shit? How did they come up with this shit? It’s just so terrifying and psychologically manipulative and violent, I love it. My eyes are tired. My brain is tired. If I were stuck in Silent Hill I’d totally die. No doubt about it. I can’t even lie, I’d probably just take myself out. Like I wouldn’t kill myself immediately upon discovering my new predicament, but if some spooky shit was chasing me I’d just be like “Ayyy lmao peace” and blow my own brains out or jump off a large cliff. I don’t deal well with stress. Silent Hill is some spooky shit man, not bad. I just got scared cause some nasty crawling thing made this fucked up gargling noise and started chasing Cryaotic from under a car. Yeah, I couldn’t deal with that, even as a game. I’m too much of a pussy. I don’t know how Cry does it. Well, he does get paid. I wish I got paid. I wish I had a job. Why won’t anyone employ me?! Probably because I’m 17 and I haven’t actually tried getting a job. Cry always plays the best music at the end of his videos. My right arm is starting to hurt, bye now. My eyes are tired man.

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