Hello, sleepless nights
Allow me to walk in as my return
Many will say it’s not alright,
but sometimes it’s the only way to learn

What’s up, restless days?
You demand my every morning full of glory
Come what may,
interesting stories

They say I should never back down
even when time limits what I can make
so I’ll keep working without making a sound
and sometimes take a little break

Do I still have more room for more people?
Sure, as long as they don’t bring too much trouble


(Jakarta, 29/9/2016 – 9:34 am)

2 thoughts on ““A FULL PLATE””

  1. The moon’s descent brings sun rise,
    while mewls and wraiths retract-
    alas; not but a moment of repose
    while motions of reruns distract

    O’ sleep, hush mind’s voice,
    allow me but a moment or so,
    for soon they will enter
    screaming handfuls of soul.

    But do I ask too much from thee?
    as the day goes forth-
    and life winds down again
    I beg thee, east by north

    prepare mine mind for sleep sound,
    before I faint and hit the ground.

    I feel you …

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