Day 273 – Dad’s birthday party

Saturday, November 26th 2016

Wow, almost midnight already. No wonder I’m exhausted.

So today was a good one. I woke up late since I feel asleep at 1 am last night, because I was staying up on my phone as I usually do. If I don’t watch a YouTube video or something I can’t sleep, so. Anyway, after slowly waking up and having an emotional moment with my mother like every other time since we can’t agree on an outfit for me to wear, I left to my grandmother’s house to help her set up birthday decorations for my dad’s surprise party. It’s less of a surprise party and more of a “you didn’t expect this many people to come”, such as an old friend of his that he went to highschool with and a few other people. We had a fun time, my brother and I stuck together since we usually don’t enjoy too much big social situations, so we stay off to the side, we all laughed a lot, I played with my grandmother’s cat Chica, and yeah. It was an overall really fun time. I helped with the dishes afterwards and now we’re home finally. I’m really tired, so I’m gonna go on YouTube a bit and sleep. I have church tomorrow morning, but not sure if I’ll go because usually I don’t go when there was an exhausted event the night before.

That’s all for today.

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