Last Sunday for the month November of 2016

Good Morning. 

I am scared to write. I’m trying to loosen up.  What would make me happy is if I could jet over to Pier One Imports and buy that loveseat I was eyeballing on Friday but I need to measure it.  My ass is sore sitting on this storage bench.  It’s uncomfortable and not made for sitting for long periods of time.

Help me get down there and buy it before anyone else does. With the way my luck’s been going lately it might be gone already… !  It’s light and about total $600, and it might fit.

Welp. First things first.  Back to watching the rest of AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR and then maybe head out there? To Pier One, not American Ninja Warrior lol.  How late does their store stay open on Sunday?

Edit: I went there on Monday and ended up ordering a Mason Loveseat for $350 at the store and opening a Pier One Imports card account (oh no dangerous).  My estimated pick-up date for the bench 12/19/16 is right before Christmas.  My tush will be happy.

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