Sunday November 27th

I went out downtown last night. I am kind of back with my friends. I still feel very much like an outsider with them in this place, though. I don’t know how I can be here and stop wanting my husband back. I just feel so frustrated with him. That he won’t even give me a chance. I don’t understand at all. 

I am so sick of being alone all the time. I am hopeful that when I move, I will have better luck in the city than I’ve had here. I have such disdain for these people in general. I think most of them are stupid or ignorant or both. I am over being surrounded by white trash red necks. 

I am still selling shit on eBay, etsy, and craigslist. I sold my bed and a bird house today. I still have so much shit to get rid of. I am going to work on it tomorrow. 

I completed a couple of applications for jobs today. They just take so long because they each ask specific essay questions- so I have to write a paper for each application. It makes the whole process so tedious. I am going to try to talk to my job hunt lady tomorrow. I want to ask her about the charter school scene and what salary I can expect. 

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