The story

You guys think are probably thinking im driving myself crazy!! Well i am.. but crazy upset, sad, because i really with i was in my loves arms right about now.. but i chose a different route. Now i wish i should have never allowed my dad to keep me from my person, ny soulmate, my bestfriend! I was young when i first started crying over my boyfriend, 18 19.. something like that.. my parents tried to warn me but i didnt listen. I ran away then we broke up then i got back with him.  When i got back with him i knew i felt it deep in my heart i was taking the wrong choices. I didn’t want to be alone, i wanted to feel loved. So i got back with him.  When we were broken up.  My love & i got in contact.  We spoke every night. Awe lol.  We would talk til like 4 5 am. Those were the best moments.. he always made me feel happy, special. After awhile i stopped talking to him.. when he came down to the valley i was so scared to see him.  Because my dad. When we were younger my love asked ny father for permission to date me & he said no. Yes NO! I was so sad because i didn’t want to cause my father anymore pain. I was a rebel as a child. Is this my punishment? I really hopr not. I know God wrote a long happy ending for me.. i deserve to be happy.. but when? Is ny love really my person? I dont want to make another mistake.. 

Help me! 

What do i do? 

My Love & i from their on never lost communication with each other. Always come back to each other. What is super cute & romantic is he passes through my parents house just to see if im outside so he could see me. Isnt it cute! Awe.  I love him.  Sorry gotta go. Reality is calling me.  

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