A Poem about Hollister Model


I don’t know how this started
its still hard to comprehend 
But all I know anymore
Is that i don’t want it to end

I’ve developed something unattainable 
it isn’t wealth, happiness or winter sagebrush
its just a silly fascination
otherwise known as a crush

my favorite thing about him
is his smile, a mile wide
which both enlightens me 
and tears me up inside

I feel like we are the same
but in many ways differ
i’m a fat antisocial
and he’s an overall winner

his scent is so strong
his laugh so heartwise
its sometimes hard
to look him in the eyes

even though he makes me smile
his presence gives me anxiety
and its almost enough to 
force me out of sobriety 

both harmful and helpful 
colorful yet gray
he’s always there
to save the day 

But he has no idea 
at least i really hope he doesn’t
because that would be the end
there’d be a huge repercussion

I might sound dramatic
I might sound insane
but this whole situation
makes me want to blow out my brain

This is why I can’t be trusted
This is why I have to be treated with coldness
because simply being decent
can be confused with friendly boldness

what can i do 
what can i say 
to confess would be to kill
as our friendship would go astray 

because if i told him 
one of two things would occur 
he’d distance himself 
or pity me more than ever

so i have to get over it 
let it run its course
hope the candle burns out
or forever feel remorse

This is the story 
of a hopefully secret crush 
on a guy that will never love me
his friendship will have to be enough

3 thoughts on “A Poem about Hollister Model”

  1. Yay emo poetry. It’s good. I like how you’ve channeled your emotions toward art. Anyway, sorry I haven’t given you any feedback on your last entries, but I guess I just have the same advice about that hottie model look-alike, which is, don’t sweat too much about it. It’ll work out, somehow, even if it doesn’t end in a romantic relationship that you would like.

  2. Believe it or not, but I think that poem was great! If I ever tried to write a poem, then the first chance I would get, I would burn it into ashes. I’ve been reading all of your journals, and I agree with the comment above, from PrettyInBlack. You shouldn’t worry about Hollister Model. You guys might end up in a relashionship, or you guys might end up being just friends. Either way, just chillax. Be positive, stay happy, and don’t let the negativity or drama of the world get you down. Hope this helps! 😀


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