Accepting help is the first step

This newfound energy has been born inside of me.

I have already started to feel more connected with people. 

This is my fourth day sober, and I have just returned from my second AA meeting.

I am feeling the physical effects of alcohol withdrawal, tiredness, sight shakiness and sever tension headaches.

However the warm feeling of hope drowns out the physical pain.

I spent the majority of last night and this afternoon watching a series… well one series turned into two and now I am into the third season of the series (my addictive personality… if I have the taste for something I just can never quite get enough of it, no matter what it is)  Well anyway I have not been able to concentrate like I have in YEARS!

I feel as though I am beginning to feel at harmony with myself.  I have accepted that yes I am an addict, and yes I do need help.  I have began reaching out to others and admitting that I need help, and I greatly value all the support I am receiving.

Being able to put my hand up and admit to who I am takes away a huge weight that has been laying heavily on my shoulders.  I am beginning to believe in a better brighter future.

At the moment I am just plainly describing the feelings I am having in this present moment.  I’m sure that in coming days my mood will change and I will begin to remorse about the past and become apprehensive about the future.

But at this given time, I am at harmony! 

Good night x

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