Feeling a bit overwhelmed

I’m a bit overwhelmed, I’m trying to do everything I’m suppose to do but I feel like everything I do is not good enough, it’s not up to the standards of others I’m trying my hardest but even that’s not good enough I still get negativity from several people about being a teen mother it’s putting me down… Maybe I am a failure maybe I won’t be such a great mother..

2 thoughts on “Feeling a bit overwhelmed”

  1. You will be a wonderful mother! Look at all the creativity you have to share with your little one! And more than that, the love of your heart. He or she is blessed to belong to you. (S)he is a gift from God. And God will bless you for not aborting her, for choosing LIFE. You are a wonderful person and please ignore anyone who would put you down. They just don’t have the courage you have, and the love. Hugs. I am proud to know you.

  2. Darling, i know what its like, however i dont have a child right now……but i know how hard life can be and im sure you can be so strong. And a WONDERFULLY AMAZING mother.

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