Monday November 28th

I missed school today. I am getting my hair done. I cancelled my appointment so I could judge that stupid cheer tryout, then they cancelled the tryout. Ugh. I had to miss school so I could get my hair done. Oh well. 

I have 2 phone interviews with charter schools scheduled for later this week. I am excited about it. I feel like things are starting to happen. I will be glad when the house closes and I have the money and I’m out of there. I will need money to go to NY for interviews, if I get to the level of a face-to-face. Surely with so many schools, so many jobs, I will get something.  I am feeling good about it- excited and hopeful. Much better than a few months ago. I think this is a good decision for me. I have dreamed of living in New York for years. I am really going to make it happen. I feel like once I just get there, I can figure it all out- you know, find the best place to live, the best place to work, etc. I just have to get there. 

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