My Saturday journal

The long weekend continues! Don’t really have anything planned for today. I could get some plans but I didn’t really want to since I needed some rest and I actually felt little sick in the middle of the day. I got up around 10 AM and got out to have a lunch at the Korean grocery market. I waited my food for about 30 mins and ended up just leaving cause I got very irritated by the food not coming out fast enough which usually do. Still got some Kimbap on my way to Yellow vase the coffee shop in Rancho Palos Verdes. Drove there for an hour in the rain to get there. Just had a cup of coffee and wrote 2 journals there and leave cause of migraine. I actually felt like about to throw up too. I couldn’t really stay there longer to do something. Drove right back to home and lay down on the bed pretty much rest of the day. Watched 2 movies and just slept for the rest of the day from around 4 PM. I didn’t even go out for the food at all. Just need a long good sleep and rest.

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