My Sunday journal

The last day of the long weekend. Feel like it couldn’t be little longer lol Maybe the rain makes me feel like the weekend went by so fast cause rain makes me don’t wanna go out. It didn’t really rain today tho. It’s little cold and gloomy but ended up dry.

Didn’t do much today. Just church in the afternoon and a quick grocery shopping. I felt like I need to eat more health. Maybe I will go back to the life style I had in Chicago. Maybe not but I wanted to have some green leafs and some more health food rather than Korean BBQ every day lol. I bought some salad and hard-boiled eggs along with some fruits. However, ended up having early dinner at the all you can eat Korean BBQ place with Liz lol. And yes, I ate till I can eat anymore. Tried Bulgogi hut finally. It was good compare to the price. I think it was the best all you can eat place so far. The date was little awkward tho. The conversations didn’t really go smoothly that seems like we are not very compatible to each other. Back home around 6:30 PM and had to shower off my entire body to get rid of the barbecue smell. 7:55 PM now and not sure what I’m gonna do for rest of the night. Just know that I want to go sleep early and have a good sleep so I can go work fresh tomorrow. Goodnight all!

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