November 29th / Insomnia and the power nap

I have been having insomnia for a quite some time. I usually need 7-8 hour sleep but I sleep less than 5 hours recently. I tried taking a sleeping pill yesterday but felt groggy.. so I don’t want to take unless really necessary. To compensate for this lacking of sleep, I take a 30 minute nap. It really helps me. I have heard so many good things about it. It should be lesson than 30 minutes, otherwise, you would just feel so tired when getting up. I can keep going without so much sleep. As long as I feel fine, I try not to be obsessed with the number.

I decided to start wearing my wedding ring again yesterday. We had been without for years since we were having  marital problems. I thought we should be committed with our relationship again. He seemed happy when I gave his back.  🙂

Here is my practice today

My morning ritual Day 43

1) Write down 3 acts of gratitude

I am grateful that I can use the extra time for something I enjoy. I am grateful that I should be able to finish my monthly goals as I have planned by tomorrow. I am grateful that I am determined once I put my mind to it.

2) Write one positive experice within 24 hours.  I had such a wonderful time yesterday. Me and my hubby took a stroll along the big pond. There were almost nobody. So many ducks in the pond and the sun was so warm. I feel the best when I am in the nature. 🙂

3)Exercise for 15 minutes or more   planning on doing my 10th run for this month

4) Meditation   I did 6 minutes with audio

5)Write a letter to someone to express gratitude

Dear, the bus driver

I knew the traffic was so backed up but you were calm and was not irritated. Thank you for driving us around safely. I really appreciate this transpotation system in Kariya city . How amazing that  it is free. 🙂

6)Do one small thing for generosity .  I washed his dishes and shared my lunch with him

How my day is going

4:30 wake up/ Soy latte

7:00 Preworkout snack/ banana

9:00 teach

10:00 Breakfast/ rice, vegies, eggs and tofu

10:30 power nap

13:00 Lunch at the sushi restaurant

18:00 Dinner/ miso and vegies, egg salad, fruits

2 thoughts on “November 29th / Insomnia and the power nap”

  1. I feel you with the insomnia. I read a book that talked a lot about the short naps, and once I started doing it, it made a huge difference. I think as we set these goals, it is more so about investing ourselves to what we really need versus what we think we need. Don’t obsess over the number, that is a great start. Also, I am not sure if you have done this yet, cut out as much caffeine in your diet as possible, and yoga has really helped me tremendously. Hope any of this helps?

  2. Thank you for reading my journal!
    I do yoga a few times a week and some kind of exerise every day. I dont take any caffeine after 12 pm. The part of it is the side effect from my medicine, I think… I can fall asleep but I wake up in 3 or 4 hours and cant go back to sleep… Thank you for your comment! I really appeciate it. 🙂

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