Perfect World


In a Perfect world …
Love will not be lost,
Mocked, betrayed
And taken for granted.
Memories will not fade.
Happy memories will not be
The memories that is the ones that will bring
Tears to your eyes 
and makes us feel sad and depressed.
We will not be expected to hide our emotions
Because everything is suppose to be perfect
When nothing is.
Everything would be either black or white,
Right or wrong.
Without war,
Without hate,
Without hunger,
Without prejudice.
People will care about others –
Not hurting them with words or actions.
We would judge less –
Love more.
In a perfect world …
We will have no worries,
Live without fear
We can let go of the past,
Live the present
En dream of the future.
We don’t have to live in a culture of despair
But in a culture of Hope.
There will be no regrets – only love
And Happiness our drug.


If the world was perfect today
We will have no need for tomorrow.


© Danette (AttitudeAngel)


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