When a friendship or relationship comes to an end you reflect and put the pieces together bit by bit.  Sometimes it is painstakingly obvious to those on the outside that your friendship or relationship is not going to work out.  They can see that you are being taken for a ride.

Feelings have a blinding effect, and when you think with your heart instead of your head,  you act foolish.  You lose sight of yourself and your thoughts are blurred, and you make excuses for the other persons behavior. 

I’m a bad judge or character, I always have been.  When I first meet people I am easily taken in by their first side, you know how people act all nice to impress you.  When that act slides away and their not so nice true colors show through….instead of walking away I keep on going back for more.

I hate it when things come to an end, I get flash backs of all the good times.  Feeling his lips against mine and falling to sleep with his arms around me.


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