The Zombie Inside

when you can’t eat, and the thought of food makes you cringe and gag. you know you have to eat, because you’ve not eaten in over 24 hours and the last things you ate before that you threw up. your life sucks and all you want to do is die because you can’t help but to hurt people you care about. no matter how much I try not to, it just makes things worse. Depression and anxiety getting worse and you go in the school bathroom and cry your eyes out and you think no one cares, because honestly, most of them don’t even know I exist let alone care. I swear everything in my life has gone downhill. I wouldn’t wish my life on anyone.

2 thoughts on “The Zombie Inside”

  1. Wait! Wait! Wait! Why are you not eating? Why are you crying if no one notices you? I noticed and so will others here. Never think of suicide you idiot. Dying is easy it’s living that is challenge. If you facing challenges that just means you are alive.

  2. that means a lot, but i struggle with depression…..badly…..and people dont help…..they bully me and push me…..they make me feel worse about myself than i already do

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