20 Days and Counting.

Dear Journal,

All of my life I have lived in the same town and grew up seeing the same faces. This time last year I was dying to get out, and I am glad I finally did. Now, here I sit in my dorm room wishing I were home where everything is familiar and comforting. I can’t wait for the sunny beaches, my dog yapping at all hours of the night, my friends, and my family. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my freedom in college, but I often get homesick when theres nothing to do and I’m staring at my ceiling or as I am drowning on endless piles of homework. I can’t wait to eat all the food I missed so much from home. I can’t wait for those late night drives or midnight bon fires at the beaches. Before leaving, I was deathly afraid of attaining the infamous Freshman fifteen believe me ITS REAL. I plan to come home looking like a babe with super awesome skin and a killer body. Let’s face it with midterms and assignment after assignment it hasn’t been easy this quarter. I have a total of 20 days to get healthy and eat right. So, right now I will come up with 20 things I will do to be where I want to be.

  1. Eat Healthier. (No more snacks from the vending machine right down the hall)
  2. Drink more water (at least 2 liters minimum a day)
  3. Get appropriate amount of sleep
  4. Cleanse face 2x a day
  5. Moisturize face 2x a day
  6. Moisturize lips when needed
  7. Lotion Body 2x a day
  8. Go for a run (at least 2 miles everyday)
  9. Go to the gym everyday (at least an hour not including the run)
  10. Stretch every morning and every night before going to bed.
  11. 3 sets of 40 sit ups
  12. 3 sets of 20 push ups
  13. 3 sets of 20 squats
  14. 3 sets of 20 calf raises
  15. 3 sets of 20 leg lifts
  16. 3 sets of 20 fire hydrant leg lifts
  17. 3 sets of 20 bridges
  18. 1 minute of planks x3
  19. 30 seconds of flutter kicks x3
  20. Smile:D remind yourself that you are beautiful and worthy!

I will follow this regimen everyday and let’s see what may come of it. Wish me luck!



3 thoughts on “20 Days and Counting.”

  1. This is my third year of College and I have been fortunate enough that my family lives only 10 miles away from campus.
    I always bring friends home and they are very happy to eat food cooked at home. I tried living alone but damn it was hard. I came back home after 2 days. Yup! two days was my limit, kind if pathetic isn’t it.
    Living in dorms has it’s own perks sometimes, I often spend nights at my friends room it’s awesome.
    Some of my friends who came from far of cities have rented rooms outside rooms outside the campus, they have hired a maid to cook food and for cleaning as they say in my place “Chill Mahol” that means no worries.

    All my friends who live in dorms [Where I live we call them hostel never dorm] go to gym regularly play badminton and volley ball and cricket and I just sit home all day watching anime, I’m lazy. They live a much healthier life them me.

    I don’t know about your place but here living in hostels means access to all the past papers and assignments given by professors the years before and professors tend to give the same assignments, my friends take assignments and past papers from seniors and damn not many share them.

    Good Luck for your College.

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