Dating like a normal person

Tomorrow night I am going on a date! 

I  haven’t been on a proper real life date in a really long time.  The guy asked me out for a drink, I made up that I couldn’t drink due to a kidney infection.

Can’t exactly blurt out… that I’m an alcoholic who wakes up and has gin and tonic for breakfast, that if I drink I will probably drag him back to my bedroom whilst in a blackout, and have my promiscuous drunken way with him.  And never see him again! 

Nope! Can’t be too honest on the first meet.  Hmmm I need to come up with a job as well,  a job where you work away a lot. 

That’s another thing, if i was drunk on this date the chances are that I would blurt out that I make a living fucking men.  Drunken me has no shame, she blurts out everything on her mind and then feels the shamelful consequences the next day.

I’m looking foreward to this date, I used to get really nervous before dates.  Now my profession is dating, men pay money for my time.  I wonder if it will feel strange that I am doing this for free?


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