Day 275 – Sick day

Monday, November 28th 2016

Today is the first day I actually missed school. Usually I would have missed at least two days by now, whether it be cause of an appointment or whatnot, but that’ll soon catch up when I miss a couple of days for an art event this week.

I woke up feeling nauseous, and because I had a headache yesterday, I decided to stay home. I played on the server, watched a lot of YouTube and found this series called “This Is Highschool” by CBC, which records high school students in Canada, specifically one school in BC. It’s interesting to watch and I feel like it’ll motivate me to work harder in school.

I’ve also started sketching an idea to sell some art. I’m planning on making a sort of friendly robot giant with a kitten. I already have the head and body design down, just have to design the rest and get the character as perfect as I can.

I also did a little bit of math, but the other answers I needed help with I didn’t do, cause Kohai didn’t know either and my brother was busy playing games. We wanted to play Batman TellTale anyway, so she and I just fangirled and played the whole of episode 4. Whenever a fight showed up, she’d just say “Fight! Fight! Fight!”, which was funny. Also, I’m really happy with the game now cause (spoilers) the Joker is actually in the game! He was kinda weird and young looking (probably cause he didn’t have his makeup on, so just pale skin and green hair), but he’s still the Joker, so I’m happy. I picked a choice that Kohai didn’t agree with, which was that if the Joker helped me out of Arkham, I would owe him a favour, and that’s what I did, but I think whatever the favour will be, I can play it safe.

Megg and I decided to talk around 10:30 pm from now on, so I’ll be doing that in a few minutes.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Aww, hope you feel better soon <3 Missing school is not fun (weird isn't it) but at least you got to do stuff you liked!

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