Journal Day 36

Today (11/28/2016) was the first day of work for me in 6 days. Last week was Thanksgiving week and a lot of people took off. I’m writing this entry on the morning of the next day (11/29/2016) because as I had to wake up early this morning and I didn’t want to stay up late writing. I’m going to voice it as if “today” is 10/28/2016.

So last night was when I had that conversation with Obs that we basically wouldn’t start dating for 4 years. Until then though we’d remain close friends supporting each other and experiment in dating however we wanted to. Because of that conversation, I fell asleep feeling great last night and I woke up feeling great.

In the morning I sold off all my swing trading stocks, it was something I thought about doing for a while. I was thinking about it in the shower, and the time was exactly 9:30 AM as I left the bathroom, the time when the stock market opened. I didn’t time it, it was a big coincidence. I thought, what’s a better sign?

Work was normal. My eyes hurt a little bit while working, but I took eye breaks as often as I remembered to.

Looking out the window of a private room, taking an eye break

My view

I finished work pretty early and left around 4 PM. I left early because I had high feelings of eye discomfort.

I usually pick up my mom at 5 PM, and I still had around an hour, so I went to Best Buy to test out some other laptops thinking I might be able to find something that won’t hurt my vision as much. The only laptop I found that I felt was perfect was this Lenovo Ideapad 110s. It was this gorgeous 11 inch white laptop that I thought was the perfect size, and it didn’t hurt my eyes so much. The only problem was that it was extremely slow, so I didn’t purchase it.

After window shopping for a while, I drove to pick up my mom. I should’ve also went to the library first to see if I had any late fees.

Anyway, I dropped off my mom at home and then I drove off to get a car wash. It wasn’t scary, but I was a little scared, the car wash had been under repair for a while and in case something happened it was freezing outside. The conveyor belt of the car wash moved a lot slower than I remembered so I was cautious sitting there the entire time. Nothing happened, the car wash was successful, and I drove home.

I talked with Obs briefly. We scheduled a time we’d talk to each other every night, and then I told her I was off to work on homework and exercise.

I actually ate dinner first before doing any of that exercising or studying, and I ate way too much. I had a big plate of salad with chips, I had many handfuls of peanuts, I ate a lot of fruits including an entire $3.99 box of blackberries. Way too much food. I ate too much food at night because I didn’t have much throughout the day. I think I had a breakfast, but I don’t remember. I only remember eating nuts while at the office, that’s all I ate.

Then I studied for a while, I completed all my reading assignments and completed the discussion post assignment. Then I went out to walk for a while, I took off my contacts, put glasses in my pocket, and walked.

When I got back home, it was 2 minutes before Obs and I would talk. I put on my contacts, turned on my computer, and I lied down to rest my eyes again for a while. I don’t fully remember our exchange, but she did ask me to draw her based on the description she gave. I drew this terrible looking drawing, she can probably draw well, but I didn’t receive any lessons or anything on how to draw a face. A bit past 11 she said she had to go to sleep, I went to sleep too.

Selfie for the day

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