Work today was crazy. Several double-bookings and having forgotten my mid- day dose of medication meant for a long, painful day. Ate to get through it. I miss the days when stress made me NOT have an appetite.


My teacher cancelled class so we could all get home safely in the snow. Instead of taking advantage of some extra time to study, I came home and spent several unproductive hours browsing 9gag and dozing. Finally mustered up enough will to get myself to study, and after a couple of hours of frustrated cursing, smacking of my textbooks, and redirecting of my concentration, I feel exhausted and am just ready for bed. Except I know I won’t be able to fall asleep for some time.


Other than not having had class or my meds, it was a pretty typical Monday.  It will probably stay this way for another couple of weeks.


I went by my old work and saw an old co-worker. She’s having as rough a time in nursing school as I am in grad school. We’re both showing it around our middles. I hope that next semester I can get a grasp on both of these again.

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